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To be greener, cleaner, and more efficient at entry gates the Michigan Challenge Balloonfest will have a Mobile APP this year and future years to come. A limited amount of small fold out maps and schedules will be available for guests at the Information Booth but we hope you will use the new Michigan Challenge Balloonfest mobile app! You’ll enjoy features such as mapping, food vendor listing, Open Air Marketplace listing, up-to-date entertainment, and push notifications for launch times!


Choose the app store for your device:


  • Reduce Print Material
    To add an interactive tool to help cut down on the paper guides that litter our community and school grounds.
  • Attendee Safety & Updates
    To incorporate a notification tool to allow us to reach guests in case of weather, safety issues, or other event emergencies and updates.
  • Highlight New Areas
    To provide Interactive maps and featured links to make discovery of new areas easier for our guests to engage with new areas of the festival.